Lecture Notes

Section 1: Motions of the Sun, Moon, and Stars; Planetary Motion; Newton's Laws of Motion and Gravity

August 20: Introduction, Highlights, Scales

Read: 1.1-1.4

Change blindness

Powers of 10 video

August 22: Motions of Sun, Moon, and Stars

Read: 2.1

Stellarium, the free planetarium software

Stellarium in-class lab

Lunar Observation take-home lab

August 27: Seasons and Motions of the Moon

Due: Mastering Astronomy 1

Read: 2.2, 2.3 (up to, but not through, Eclipses)

Harvard students seasons video

August 29: Eclipses, Early Astronomy, and Planetary Motion

Due: Written Homework 1, Stellarium Lab Writeup

Read: 2.3, 3.2-3.4

Eclipses Lecture Tutorial (print)

Kepler's Laws Lab (print)

September 5: Fiske Planetarium (no lecture notes)

Field Trip Information

Directions to Fiske from FRCC Westminster Campus

Due: Written Homework 2, Kepler's Laws Lab

Read: Carl Sagan Essay for Discussion

September 10: Newton

Read: 4.1-4.5

September 12: Quiz 1

Due: MA2

Covers: Intro, Scales, Moon, Seasons, Eclipses, Planetary Motion, Kepler's Laws, Newton's Laws. (Chapters 1-4).

Section 2: Solar System Formation and Planetary Geology September 17: Tour of Solar System, Planetary Exploration, Cost of NASA

Read: 7.1-7.3

September 19: Formation I; Star Stuff

Due: HW3

Read: 8.1-8.2 (17.1-17.3)

September 24: Formation II; Building the Planets; Radioactive Dating

Nice Model movie

Radioactive Decay Simulation 1 & 2

Read: 8.3-8.5, (24.1)

September 26: Interiors

Due: MA3, HW4

Read: 9.1

October 1: Planetary Surface Processes

Read: 9.2, 12.4

October 3: Geology of Individual Bodies

Read: 9.3-9.6

October 8: Geology of Venus, Outer Planet Moons, and Earth

Due: HW5

October 10: Planetary Geology Lab Exercise

Due: MA4

Print: Mars Surface Lab

October 15: Quiz 2

Covers: Solar System Tour, Formation of the Solar System, Interiors, and Surfaces. (Chapters 7-9).

Section 3: Light, Atmospheres, and Exoplanets October 17: Light & Color, Emission and Absorption Spectra

Due: Mars Surface Geology Lab

Read: 5.1-5.4

October 22: Intro to Atmospheres

Read: 10.1-10.2

October 24: Terrestrial Planet Atmospheres

Read: 10.3-10.5

October 29: Giant Planet Atmospheres, Global Warming

Due: HW6, MA5

Read: 11.1, 10.6

October 31: Planetary Science Instrumentation

Due: HW7

Read: This writeup on planetary science instruments.

November 5: Exoplanets

Due: Project Summary

Read: 5.5, 13.1-13.4

November 7: Exoplanets Lab Excercise

Due: MA6

Print: Exoplanets Lab

November 12: Quiz 3

Covers: Light & Color, Atmospheres (both Terrestrial and Giant), Global Warming, and Exoplanets (Chapters 5, 10, 11.1, and 13).

Section 4: Life in the Universe and Space Travel

November 14: Life in the Universe

Due: Exoplanets Lab

Read: 24.1-24.4

November 19 and 21: No class due to Thanksgiving

November 26: Space Travel, Aliens (plus these slides)

November 28: Group Project Presentations

Due: Project Writeup

December 3: Final Review

December 5: Final Exam

December 10: Course Discussion