The homework for this class is broken into two components: online homework through Mastering Astronomy and written homework due in class every Wednesday. The Mastering Astronomy homework is available through masteringastronomy.com under course ID CHAFFIN2012FALL.

At the end of the term, your lowest written homework score will be dropped.

Week 2:

MA1 due Monday 8/27

HW1 due Wednesday 8/29 (solutions)

Week 3:

HW2 due Wednesday 9/5 (solutions)

Week 4:

MA2 due Wednesday 9/12

Week 5:

HW3 due Wednesday 9/19 (solutions)

Week 6:

MA3 due Monday 9/24

HW4 due Wednesday 9/26 (solutions)

Week 8:

HW5 due Monday 10/8 (solutions)

MA4 due Wednesday 10/10

Week 10:

HW6 due Wednesday 10/24 (solutions)

Week 11:

MA5 due Monday 10/29

HW7 due Wednesday 10/31 (solutions)

Week 12:

MA6 due Wednesday 11/7

Week 16:

HW8 due Monday 12/3