Night Lab

Once during the semester, you will have to come to Sommers-Bausch Observatory for night sky viewing with the telescopes and binoculars. There are four opportunities for you to do this, all beginning at 9PM. Because weather can interrupt observing at any time, plan to come to the earliest observing opportunity possible. The four dates are June 11, 18, 20, and 25. Night lab writeups are due at most two days after you attend the lab.

You have three choices of night labs, identification of bright stars and constellations (memorize the location of 10 objects and point them out to me using a laser pointer), observation of deep sky objects, at least five with at least two facts about each, or Moon observation. Here are the lab sheets to print out and bring with you for each option:

Constellation and Bright Star Identification

Deep Sky Observing

Moon Observation

Another option, available June 5 only, is to observe the transit of Venus at Fiske Planetarium and complete the following worksheet: Venus Transit.