Summer 2012 ASTR 1000: The Solar System

This is the homepage for the Summer 2012 ASTR 1000: The Solar System

Timeframe: Summer Term A (June 4 – July 6)

Meetings: Monday-Friday 11:00-12:35 in Duane G131

Instructor office hours: Duane D145, MTW 12:35-1:35, Th 4-5, F 10-11

TA office hours: Duane D152, T 4-6, Th 1-3

This class covers the first half of the material presented in The Cosmic Perspective, covering everything from the scale of the universe to the nature of light, with a focus on the planets and small bodies of the Solar System. Emphasis is placed on understanding and application of scientific concepts, as well as the process of science.